...On Cats and Writing

It's finally done! My second suspense book, The Donation Man is now out! My third book, Break In, is 85 percent done. Thanks to Kelly Abell, I have a book trailer of both books on YouTube, which you can see here.

Now it seems that once a day, I encounter something that makes me say "that's a good idea for another book!"  Or "this would make a good suspense plot for a movie someday!".

Thanks to World Castle's great editing and cover design, I've been able to turn these ideas and my writing into novels. Also, because I am a member of The Cat Writer's Association, with my book Goldy's Baby Socks winning an award, I put cats in all my suspense books.

I love cats. We currently have two cats we adopted, and they add humor to our home with their shenanigans. So if I can do it, you can.....don't give up....have fun writing!

My cat Lucy working hard to inspire new writing ideas

My cat Lucy working hard to inspire new writing ideas

You can do it!

Those are the words that I like to say to myself when I get "stuck" when writing a book, co-writing a song, or trying to wake up when my tabby cat, Lucy has woken me up at 4am. It is not that I don't listen when others motivate me. In fact, a friend of mine, Marsha, kept telling me I could write a fiction book. I would say "sure", but I really didn't believe I could.

One day, her words floated through my head, and I said in a booming voice to myself, "You Can Do It". I had written award winning picture books, songs, but could I really write a suspense fiction book? I tried, and with the help of World Castle Publishing, my editor, Kelly, World of Ink Network, and friends and family......I DID IT.    Now I keep a sign by my computer for my next book, my next song collaboration, and who else knows what is to follow....it says, " You Did it, Do It Again".