...On Ice Cream and Dreams

Summer's here and there is something wonderful about sitting on my porch or sitting on a cozy chair reading books or magazines - just add a bowl of ice cream and you have a perfect afternoon!

I recently broke my ankle and it made me slow down and appreciate these ice cream afternoons, and not  being on the go all the time. Of course, I wish my appreciation could have come another way, but hey...

There are lots of ideas swirling in my head, but I am not finishing a book currently. My book followers have asked me to really try to get my books adapted for the screen, so I am working hard at that and searching for connections to make it happen.

I’m hoping my books get passed around and someone says, "Wow, I could make this into a great film!"

It is fun to have dreams, and visualize me being in a studio watching the book/scripts being filmed.

You may be saying wow, it might never happen, and she is just a dreamer, but for all the dreamers like me, I say make it happen, and DREAM ON!

Photo by Nick Snider

Photo by Nick Snider

...On Loss and Lucy

People who follow my blog have seen many pictures of one of my cats, Lucy.

We adopted her at one year old and she has been a joy, cuddling with us at every opportunity.  

Yesterday, at age 12, Lucy passed away.

Our hearts are broken, but she lives on in our" “Lucy stories”. Our sons and their spouses feel the loss as Lucy would be part of their  visits to our home, and all her shenanigans that would make us laugh. 

Appropriately, a few years ago, my husband and I co-wrote When I Call A Name At  Night with Billy Rae Stewart.

It is a song about losing someone you love and eventually finding it within you to continue on . You'll get teary, I think the song really captures the feeling of loss at the Snider family right now.

To all those who have lost someone, human or your "pet family", I wish you the strength to continue on, and may they be in your hearts forever.

So, Lucy, the funny stories we will tell about you will go on and this post is dedicated to YOU.


...On Second Chances

I have spoken with many people in life who have the dream that they missed an exam and the terror they felt.

Well, guess what - that dream actually happened in real life to me back in college.

Sitting at the table chatting with my husband about kindness, I remembered a professor of mine, Professor W., who years ago I had for Criminology in college.

I thought I set my alarm to take my final exam for Criminology, but didn't.

When I realized what had happened, I threw on my clothes and ran to the class just as it was ending.

"This is it," I thought, "I am going to fail the exam", and in addition, I really liked the class and professor (looking back years later, I have to thank this class for influencing my writing)

Talking to Professor W. however, was a joy - he was so kind and understanding and actually let me come back and take the exam!   I did, and I passed.

Years later after graduating and going down to New Orleans for a Masters in Social Work and having a family, it was his giving me a second chance that had a lasting impact that I haven't forgotten, when others may have said, "Too Bad".

After reminiscing with my husband about the professor, I called the university to ask if they could relay a message. They did, and he took the time to call me.  I was able to thank him myself, which was very important and heartwarming to me.

I like to think that I give people second chances that deserve them.  We all make mistakes, and we should all be allowed to learn from them and try again.  I've taught this lesson to my grown-up kids in life, so that they too can give others second chances.

I'm blessed to have grown up with a kind, loving family, and have raised a kind, loving family, giving myself and others second chances, but I'll never forget the lesson that Dr. W taught me all those years ago:

We all need second chances in life.


...On Hope

March 1st......this date has always been a happy one for me. It has always felt like finally the first day of Spring was here!

It is not actually the first day of Spring, but it sure feels like it to me. Our one son is having snow where he lives, but there still is that hope that it will be the kind of weather soon where he can go out and not wear a coat, like on a nice spring day.

With spring comes a burst of energy to get my third book finished, the desire to get out and just take a nice walk outside (As you can tell, I am not a snow person).

March 1st brings a magical energy, a time of new beginning, and Hope.

Our cats even love March 1st - Lucy and Bailey have a renewed love of lounging in the sunlight and the birds that come out this time of year make for hours of fascination.

March 1st brings me hope, but that hope is there all year.

My husband took a picture of a rock surrounded by flowers and a butterfly that sits alone in the winter - in the Spring, it's surrounded by beauty.

He took a picture of it and put it on CafePress to help others find hope, because Hope is what everyone needs in life, whether to get into a school you want, get a job you want, survive a illness, be with the love of your life...hope wins.

Happy March 1st, everyone.


...On a busy life

Life is busy.  Sometimes way too busy.

What made me think of this is because I have been getting feedback about my suspense books, especially The Donation Man, that it is a "Quick Read" and that the larger print helps, too.

One reader said that, due to the snow storms that have hit the East Coast, she finally got to my book, the first time she's had to read a book in a long time, and she spent the day sipping coffee and reading.

She likes suspense books, and was glad I put one of the characters from my first suspense book in this one.  (She was also glad she read it during the day, not before bed!)

She wrote that she loves that the books are quick reads, and she didn't get sore eyes from small print.

Life is busy, she wrote, but staying in all day during snow storm with a comfy chair, and my book made for a good day.

So if you're reading this, thanks to you who want that quick read at home, in an airplane, during a snowstorm, wherever and whenever.  You know who you are, and here's to you - the busy ones.