Judy's first fiction suspense novel Too Late to Run is now available on Amazon, World Castle Publishing, and Barnes and Noble A novel that "keeps you guessing" with characters that "could be your next door neighbor"!
See the trailer now or listen to Judy's radio interview about the novel.


Judy was raised in Michigan and currently lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her husband Gil and her cats Lucy and Bailey. She also has two grown sons, Jon and Nick. She is a retired social worker. After her retirement, Judy had the joyful job of working at the library at Cape Henry Collegiate School for eight years.   Goldy's Baby Socks is Judy's first children's book that she has published. In writing her children's books, Judy likes ones that are humorous and speak to the heart. 

After writing Goldy's Baby Socks, Judy and her sister Joan co-wrote a heartwarming children’s gift picture book for grownups called I Love You , Be Careful.  Judy also is one of the authors of a women's book, The Sacred Purse, and is a member of the Hampton Roads Writers Group.

Judy got her B.S. from Western Michigan University and her master's in social work from Tulane University in New Orleans.

Judy's husband is a writer also. Gil Snider is the author of Brain Warp, a medical/political thriller.  His website can be found at gilsnider.com.  Gil and Judy were recently featured in an article in Doctor to Doctor, a publication by The Shopper.  Click here to see the article!

Judy has just released a fiction suspense novel, Too Late to Run, and her second suspense novella, The Donation Man, will be out later this year.

In addition to writing books, Judy also writes song lyrics with her husband, Gil.  Check out the "Songwriting" links in the header to listen to songs written by Judy and Gil, as well as their son Nick.



Coming soon - Judy's second suspense novella The Donation Man

Coming soon - Judy's second suspense novella The Donation Man