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Judy's Profile on LinkedIn

McDonald Garden Center - Virginia Beach gardening center; pick up copies of I Love You, Be Careful and Goldy's Baby Socks at the Great Neck location

Dr. Lindsay Gibson - Website of Lindsay Gibson, author of Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

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Mom and Me Boutique - This local infant and maternity boutique carries copies of I Love You, Be Careful!

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Art by Cady - Illustrator of I Love You, Be Careful

The World of Ink - A great resource to help authors to reach their goals!

Chinese Cuisine Along the Grand Canal - A delicious Chinese cookbook, loved by Judy, by Irving Chang

Gil Snider - Website of Judy's husband Gil

I Love You, Be Careful Book Trailer - Youtube trailer showing scenes from I Love You, Be Careful.

World Castle Publishing - Publishers of Judy's suspense novels, Too Late to Run and The Donation Man

My Mamma's Kitchen Blog Talk - Fun and informative interview of Judy and her sister Joan

Blog Talk Radio Presents - Goldy's Baby Socks read by Judy

The World of Ink Tour - Read various interviews with Judy and her sister Joan about the creation ofI Love You, Be Careful

Lydia Salnikova - Talented female vocalist, featured on Judy and Gil's song If I Call A Name at Night.  

Pearl Snap Studios - Recording studio used in Gil and Judy's songs Words I Just Can't Say  and Invisible

Marsha Casper Cook

Mason Douglas -  Talented Singer and author of Now You Know Nashville

Kelly Abell