...On Second Chances

I have spoken with many people in life who have the dream that they missed an exam and the terror they felt.

Well, guess what - that dream actually happened in real life to me back in college.

Sitting at the table chatting with my husband about kindness, I remembered a professor of mine, Professor W., who years ago I had for Criminology in college.

I thought I set my alarm to take my final exam for Criminology, but didn't.

When I realized what had happened, I threw on my clothes and ran to the class just as it was ending.

"This is it," I thought, "I am going to fail the exam", and in addition, I really liked the class and professor (looking back years later, I have to thank this class for influencing my writing)

Talking to Professor W. however, was a joy - he was so kind and understanding and actually let me come back and take the exam!   I did, and I passed.

Years later after graduating and going down to New Orleans for a Masters in Social Work and having a family, it was his giving me a second chance that had a lasting impact that I haven't forgotten, when others may have said, "Too Bad".

After reminiscing with my husband about the professor, I called the university to ask if they could relay a message. They did, and he took the time to call me.  I was able to thank him myself, which was very important and heartwarming to me.

I like to think that I give people second chances that deserve them.  We all make mistakes, and we should all be allowed to learn from them and try again.  I've taught this lesson to my grown-up kids in life, so that they too can give others second chances.

I'm blessed to have grown up with a kind, loving family, and have raised a kind, loving family, giving myself and others second chances, but I'll never forget the lesson that Dr. W taught me all those years ago:

We all need second chances in life.