You can do it!

Those are the words that I like to say to myself when I get "stuck" when writing a book, co-writing a song, or trying to wake up when my tabby cat, Lucy has woken me up at 4am. It is not that I don't listen when others motivate me. In fact, a friend of mine, Marsha, kept telling me I could write a fiction book. I would say "sure", but I really didn't believe I could.

One day, her words floated through my head, and I said in a booming voice to myself, "You Can Do It". I had written award winning picture books, songs, but could I really write a suspense fiction book? I tried, and with the help of World Castle Publishing, my editor, Kelly, World of Ink Network, and friends and family......I DID IT.    Now I keep a sign by my computer for my next book, my next song collaboration, and who else knows what is to says, " You Did it, Do It Again".