...On Hope

March 1st......this date has always been a happy one for me. It has always felt like finally the first day of Spring was here!

It is not actually the first day of Spring, but it sure feels like it to me. Our one son is having snow where he lives, but there still is that hope that it will be the kind of weather soon where he can go out and not wear a coat, like on a nice spring day.

With spring comes a burst of energy to get my third book finished, the desire to get out and just take a nice walk outside (As you can tell, I am not a snow person).

March 1st brings a magical energy, a time of new beginning, and Hope.

Our cats even love March 1st - Lucy and Bailey have a renewed love of lounging in the sunlight and the birds that come out this time of year make for hours of fascination.

March 1st brings me hope, but that hope is there all year.

My husband took a picture of a rock surrounded by flowers and a butterfly that sits alone in the winter - in the Spring, it's surrounded by beauty.

He took a picture of it and put it on CafePress to help others find hope, because Hope is what everyone needs in life, whether to get into a school you want, get a job you want, survive a illness, be with the love of your life...hope wins.

Happy March 1st, everyone.