...On Ice Cream and Dreams

Summer's here and there is something wonderful about sitting on my porch or sitting on a cozy chair reading books or magazines - just add a bowl of ice cream and you have a perfect afternoon!

I recently broke my ankle and it made me slow down and appreciate these ice cream afternoons, and not  being on the go all the time. Of course, I wish my appreciation could have come another way, but hey...

There are lots of ideas swirling in my head, but I am not finishing a book currently. My book followers have asked me to really try to get my books adapted for the screen, so I am working hard at that and searching for connections to make it happen.

I’m hoping my books get passed around and someone says, "Wow, I could make this into a great film!"

It is fun to have dreams, and visualize me being in a studio watching the book/scripts being filmed.

You may be saying wow, it might never happen, and she is just a dreamer, but for all the dreamers like me, I say make it happen, and DREAM ON!

Photo by Nick Snider

Photo by Nick Snider